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A domain name locator will usually include "www," which stands for "World Wide Web." This phrase lets computers and humans know the site that it is pointing to a web site on the internet. It is followed by the domain name, which could be a mixture of letters, numbers or phrases. A very good domain name shall be short, memorable and most importantly, search-engine friendly. In fact, good site owners tend to concentrate on a site using a domain name that is perfect for search engine marketing purposes, (or Search Engine Optimization). To do that they make certain to choose a site name that has a broadly searched keyword.

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Domain names also include an extension at the back portion of the name. This lets an individual know a bit of bit more about the website origins. For example, take .com, the most common area name extension. It stands for 'industrial', and was originally meant for organizations that function in that particular industry. Nonetheless, now the extension is utilized by virtually anybody seeking to create a website. And this is for good cause, since most web surfers will think about the .com earlier than they'd think about .org, .biz or .net. But, don't assume the opposite extensions can't change into memorable domain name either. For example, which is a wildly popular web site despite its .org extension.

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