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A domain name is usually used as an identification mean to identify a website. Without a domain name, web sites are specified by an IP address. What's an IP address? It is an identifier that's used by computer systems or humans to determine the location of a server or website. Nonetheless, for humans, an IP, which is expressed in a numerical format, will be tough to remember. Because of this domains have been invented. With a domain name, a human can find an internet site by means of words or phrases. And although numbers might be a part of a domain name, they often do not make up all of it, like what's seen with an IP address.

Animation (28)

Antiques (40)

Architecture (31)

Art History (19)

Awards (12)

Bodyart (17)

Book Shopping (9)

Chats and Forums (20)

Classical Studies (21)

Comics (18)

Costumes (10)

Crafts (47)

Cultures and Groups (6)

Dance (38)

Design (0)

Digital (10)

Directories (5)

Education (6)

Entertainment (22)

Events (14)

Graphic Design (12)

Humanities (13)

Illustration (22)

Libraries (2)

Literature (32)

Magazines and E-zines (2)

Movies (43)

Museums (11)

Music (52)

Myths and Folktales (6)

Native and Tribal (5)

News and Media (10)

Online Writing (14)

Organizations (0)

People (0)

Performing Arts (1)

Periods and Movements (0)

Photography (22)

Publishers (0)

Radio (14)

Regional (0)

Rhetoric (7)

Television (29)

Theatre (48)

Typography (4)

Video (11)

Visual Arts (41)

Weblogs (10)

Writers Resources (33)

In terms of format, domain names have several parts. The first part is named the URL, (which stands for Uniform Resource Locator). The URL tells the browser what domain that it is going to point to. This will often be 'http', which suggests the browser can locate the hypertext document. In layman's phrases this means webpage. In the rare cases the URL is not 'http' it might be 'ftp', which means file switch protocol. A webmaster would opt to make use of ftp if they want visitors to obtain data from their server.

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